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Thao Nguyen Pham; Julie Coupey; Serge Candeias; Viktoriia Ivanova; Samuel Valable; Juliette Thariat

Beyond lymphopenia, unraveling radiation-induced leucocyte subpopulation kinetics and mechanisms through modeling approaches

DOI: 10.1186/s13046-023-02621-4


Leucocyte subpopulations in both lymphoid and myeloid lineages have a significant impact on antitumor immune response. While radiation-induced lymphopenia is being studied extensively, radiation effects on lymphoid and myeloid subtypes have been relatively less addressed. Interactions between leucocyte subpopulations, their specific radiation sensitivity and the specific kinetics of each subpopulation can be modeled based on both experimental data and knowledge of physiological leucocyte depletion, production, proliferation, maturation and homeostasis. Modeling approaches of the leucocyte kinetics that may be used to unravel mechanisms underlying radiation induced-leucopenia and prediction of changes in cell counts and compositions after irradiation are presented in this review. The approaches described open up new possibilities for determining the influence of irradiation parameters both on a single-time point of acute effects and the subsequent recovery of leukocyte subpopulations. Utilization of these approaches to model kinetic data in post-radiotherapy states may be a useful tool for further development of new treatment strategies or for the combination of radiotherapy and immunotherapy.


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