DEFI ISOTOP CNRS (2020-2021)


«DEDVIRA: DEveloppements Dosimétriques pour l’évaluation in VItro des Radiopharmaceutiques émetteurs Alpha »


Patients with malignant tumors of the cephalic region can present very poor prognosis. Radiotherapy (RT) based on X-Rays is a common treatment for these tumors but shows low efficiency against hypoxic tumors, favors pro-tumor inflammation and can provoke damages to surrounding healthy tissues. Hadrontherapy, proton therapy (PT) or carbon therapy (CT), may be more appropriate for the treatment of such tumors. Interestingly, inflammation plays a critical role in tumor development and therapeutic responses, but the inflammatory response has little been investigated after hadrontherapy. In this translational project, we propose a comprehensive study on immune cell responses (both resident and circulating cells) after hadrontherapy for brain tumor irradiation. This study will allow a better understanding of the biology of hadrontherapy in order to optimize its association with immunomodulatory treatments.

Partenaires : ISTCT (Caen), UAR 3266 GANIL, CLCC F Baclesse Caen